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Research Fields

High power laser technology

High field laser physics

High intensity optics

Information optics

Quantum optics

Laser & optoelectronic devices

Optical materials

High power pulsed xenon lamp
Solar cell array illumination system
Integrated test platform of large scale xenon lamp and neodymium glass disk
Professional properties measurement
High standard quality control
Well-developed melting technique
Written Patterns of laser direct writing system
R&D of new recording materials and super-resolution optical discs
Multi-targets sputtering system
R&D platform for recordable optical discs
Nanometer-accuracy interferometer for vibration measurements of laser-driven objects
Profiler for optical fiber connector endface
Optical biosensors
Experiment of micro-nano information processing with femtosecond laser
Sensitivity contours of even aberrations for lithographic projection system
Fiber Bragg grating
High power fiber lasers and beam combining technologies
Conductively cooled, injection seeded, LD pumped single frequency Nd:YAG slab laser
Optical PAT performance test platform
A series of SIOM airborne and space laser systems
Research Progress
Low threshold mid-infrared supercontinuum generation in short fluoride-chalcogenide multimaterial fibers(2014-12-12)
 Mid-infrared supercontinuum generation (SCG) is mostly studied in fluoride glass fibers in which long fibers and high power pump sources are needed. Taking advantages of high nonlinearity and transparency, chalcogenide glass is also app... [more]
Longitudinally resolved measurement of plasma density along femtosecond laser filament via terahertz spectroscopy(2014-12-12)

  THz generation in an air filament recently attracts much attention. The most important reason is that THz emission can be generated close to a remote target by controlling the remote onset of the filament via controlling the initial...
Multiplexed aberration measurement for deep tissue imaging in vivo(2014-12-12)
Fiber-based sodium guide star laser: higher power and pulsed operation(2014-12-02)
Raman fiber laser scales up to over kilowatt(2014-08-25)
International Cooperation News & Events
The Delegation from University of Southampton pays a visit to SIOM(2014-11-25)
On November 20, 2014, a delegation including 7 researchers from University of Southampton of England, headed by Prof. Johan Nilsson paid a visit to SIOM. The delegation was invited by Prof. Weibiao Chen, the vice dire...[more]
Prof. Dr. Phil. Bucksbaum pays a visit to SIOM and gives the academic seminar(2014-11-17)
On November 14, 2014, Prof. Dr. Phil. Bucksbaum from Stanford University paid a visit to SIOM and gave the invited presentation at Qinghe Seminar at SIOM. Prof. Ya Cheng presided over his seminar.
  Prof. Bucksbaum ...
The 5th International Symposium on Filamentation is held successfully(2014-09-30)
Prof. Franz X. Kartner pays a visit to SIOM and gives the academic seminar(2014-09-30)
Prof. Ferenc Krausz pays a visit to SIOM and gives the academic seminar(2014-06-18)
Upcoming Seminar
Hybrid Silicon Photonic Circuits for Chip-Scale Nonlinear and Quantum Optics(2014.07.08)  
Computational Imaging Workshop(2014.06.08)  
Qinghe Seminar——Real-Time Observation and Control of Electron Motion(2014.06.07)  
Next generation of dispersive optics and its application  (2014.05.09)  
Presentations of Dr. Robert Baker(2013.07.04)  
Optical diffraction of scattering by nanostructures(2013.06.08)  
Qantum Entangled Frequency Combs: a New Tool for Scalable Quantum Computing ?(2013.06.03)  
Adaptive Optics Instrumentation Projects at the MPIA(2013.05.28)  
International Organzations
China-Korea Optical Science & Technology Cooperation Center
Chinese Academy of Sciences
ShanghaiTech University
Academy of Sciences for the Developing World
Chinese Academy of Engineering
International Conferences
STAR4 is held at SIOM in May 2013
The Workshop on Super Intense Laser-Atom Physics(SILAP2012)
The 8th Asia Pacific Laser Symposium(APLS2012)
SPIE/SIOM Pacific-Rim Laser Damage
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