Electron acceleration and high harmonic generation from solids at high intensities

Update time: 2020-01-17

Speaker: Subhendu Kahaly, ELI-ALPS, ELI-Hu Kft., Dugonics ter 13, H-6720 Szeged Hungary
Time: 14:00 pm, January 17, 2020
Venue: Yizhi Hall, West Campus 

Interaction of solid density matter with ultrashort high intensity light pulses and the ensuing relativistic charge dynamics forms the basis of many physical processes of fundamental and applied interest. Two such directions are electron acceleration and coherent XUV high harmonic generation. Both can be important for developing plasma based sources for further application experiments in research and industry. In this presentation I would make a topical summary of the recent developments in the field pushed by us and some of our colleagues and give pointers to the future potential and possibilities.   
Currently I am the head of the secondary sources division at ELI-ALPS, which consists of 6 groups managing all the 9 beamlines for high harmonic, particle and THz sources. My work interest is ultrafast laser matter interaction and strong field plasma and atomic and molecular science. The research have been published in several high impact journals including 8 PRLs, Physics Reports, Nature Physics and Communications etc and have benefited from several grants. Currently I am one of the editors of the Scientific Reports and in the reviewer panel of 15 journals including, Nature Communications, Physical Review Letters, Nature Physics, Applied Physics Letters etc. After PhD at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, India on laser matter interaction and have worked for 7 years in LOA, Ecole Polytechnique and CEA (the French Atomic Energy Comission) in Paris, France and consulted for the ELI-ALPS project before joining it in 2015.