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Shanghai Science Program -"Fabrication of LiAlO2 crystals and wafers for high luminous efficiency non-polar GaN-based LEDs" hosted by SIOFM has passed the acceptance testing
ArticleSource: /科研管理处/
Update time: 12-15-2008
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  On Dec. 12th, 2008, experts invited by the Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai, came to perform the acceptance testing for the Shanghai science and technology project entitled "Fabrication of LiAlO2 crystals and wafers for high luminous efficiency non-polar GaN-based LEDs". Prof. Shao Jianda , vice director of our institute, attended the meeting, and introduced our institute's related work on crystal growth. Prof. Zhou Shengming, who was responsible for the program, presented a presentation about the program study. The experts checked the measured data and the crystal samples on site, and concluded that the accomplishment of this program is excellent.

  The research group has developed 11 crystals (2-inch in diameter and 100 mm long for isometric part) and more than 300 pieces of wafers. The technical parameters of the crystals and the wafers met the demand of the assessment items. The wafers were qualified for practical application and were supplied to customers, such as Epilight Shanghai, Co. Ltd., Nanjing University, etc. Meantime, the group found that (302) wafers exhibit better properties in polishing, epitaxy, stability than (100) wafers do. They also pointed out that (302) wafers can be used as a novel substrate for non-polar a-plane GaN-LED. 12 papers were published and 6 invention patents were applied during the program period. The experts agreed that this program provided technical and intellectual property reserves for the future application of LiAlO2 crystals and wafers in solid state lighting.

  The experts also suggested that the group enhance the processing quality further, strengthen co-operations with the customers, try to make breakthrough early and further develop the application prospects of the crystals and the wafers.

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