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Update time: 11-01-2016
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SIOM is one of the first batches of institutions in China accredited by the Degree Commitment of the State Council for supervising and granting Ph.D and M.S. degrees in physics, optical engineering and materials sciences. It is also one of the first batches of postdoctoral research centers in the three research fields above. SIOM is one of the major bases in CAS for PhD. candidates training. At present, there are over 100 graduate supervisors, of which 62 are Ph.D supervisors. Seven experts have been selected as academicians of CAS, and one as academician of CAE. Totally, SIOM has recruited and trained more than 1300 Ph.D students, more than1500 M.S. students and 70 post-doctoral students. At present, there are about 480 Ph.D and M.S. students pursuing their diplomas.
In the graduate education evaluation conducted by the Academic Degree Commission of the State Council in 1994, SIOM ranked the first in both master and doctoral degrees. In the first Grade-A academic assessment, optics at SIOM ranked the fifth in 2002 and optical engineering ranked the second in 2003 in the same subject of education evaluation. The post-doctoral research center of physics is classified as Shanghai outstanding post-doctoral station. Four Ph.D dissertations have been elected as the National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation since the selection-dissertation contest began in 1999.

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