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The Managing Editor of Science Advances pays a visit to SIOM
Update time: 10-17-2016
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On Oct. 13, 2016, Ph.D. Philippa J. Benson, the Managing Editor of Science Advances paid a visit to SIOM and delivered a presentation entitled by “How to contribute high quality paper to the top journal, including Science Advances” to SIOM's researchers.


Philippa J. Benson is the Managing Editor of Science Advances, AAAS's first fully open access journal, which launched in February 2015. In less than one year, Science Advances has had over 2000 submissions and has published over 250 articles, some of which have had extraordinarily high Altmetrics scores and made the headlines in major news outlets around the world. Prior to her work with AAAS, Dr. Benson worked for over 20 years in roles supporting STM publishers manage their challenges with a variety of issues from converting to full electronic publishing workflows and educating authors. She's worked to working with clients including PLOS journals, The Charlesworth Group, The Wildlife Society, and Conservation International, and served as a consultant for the National Institutes of Health, the United Nations, Georgetown University, and many other prestigious organizations. In 2013, she co-authored a book, What Editors Want: An Authors Guide to Scientific Journal Publishing (University of Chicago Press), which helps readers understand and navigate the publishing process in high impact science and technical journals.

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