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International Cooperation
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International Projects
Update time: 11-01-2016
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  • Cooperation Agreement on “photon craft” signed by SIOM and JST (Japan)

   The agreement was signed on Feb.22, 2000 in Beijing, Chinese Academy of Sciences. With promotion of the project the micro-structure optical function material laboratory is set up at SIOM, and more than 50 research papers have been published in some world leading journals such as Angew Chem .Inter Edi, Phys Rev.Lett. Appl.Phys. and Lett Opt. Lett.,  etc.


  • “Cooperation research of China, Japan and Korea on Laser Fusion High Energy Density Physics” was in agreement

   SIOM has profound scientific research and engineering background, and keep a good cooperation relationship with Korea and Japan .Above agreement was signed in 2007, and a collision less shock wave experiment was successfully demonstrated at “ShenguangⅡ Laser System” by the joint group formed by 8 institutes from China, Japan and Korea.


  • Join In the European HIPER Program

   The research on laser fusion energy is actively promoted in the world, European Union has listed the HIPER system into its developing route of large-scale program, and planned to complete, then to demonstrate laser fusion ignition around 2015.SIOM joined in the HIPER project in 2008, became a major scientific research organization of china in HIPER project cooperation.


  • Carry out International Cooperation Centered the Large-scale High Power Laser System

   The ShenguangⅡ laser system is the largest in china and a few in the world high power laser inertial confinement fusion experiment system. Based on this equipment, SIOM set up an international cooperation platform with Korea, Japan and some other countries.


  • International Cooperation Research in Ultra-short Pulse Laser Technology

   The research on ultra-intense ultra-short laser at SIOM is in a leading position in the world, and has carried out the cooperation research with LULI lab of France, Laval University of Canada, Optical center of Arizona University of USA, Argan National Lab of USA, the first university of Lyons of France. Vienna University of Technology of Austria, and university of Padova of Italy etc.


  • International cooperation in the field of cool atomic physics

   The Bose-Einstein condensation was demonstrated of SIOM, which makes China become the 11th country in the world having BEC, and entering advanced level of the world in the research of coherent mass-wave. The theoretical and experiment studies on cool atomic physics, gas quantum condensation physics and ultra-cooling strong coupling plasma physics are carried out jointly with the Georgia University of Technology. The optics international and photonics institute of Max-plants institute, etc.

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