Campus Life
Student Life
Arts, music, and culture
We believe the creative, visual, and performing arts are integral to a well-rounded education and life.
Optics, larser, and value
SIOM students conduct research in the lab, in the field, and all over the world.
Students, faculty, staff, and visitors have access to a wide range of dining options on our campuses and in nearby neighborhoods.
Whether living on campus or off, our students make SIOM their home. We provide residence halls or assist in leasing apartment with furniture.
Organizations and clubs
The SIOM Science Popularization Volunteer Service Team
The SIOM Science Popularization Volunteer Service Team takes the popular scientific and voluntary service idea of "promoting scientific spirit, disseminating scientific knowledge, propagating scientific thought and advocating scientific methods" as its action purpose, actively participates in the activities of scientific popularization service and develops the creation of scientific popularization works.
OSA&SPIE&COS in SIOM were founded to unite talents and promote the development of optical science and technology.
The SIOM Student Union
Under the leadership of Institute Party committee and the guidance of Institute graduate department, the SIOM Student Union is the student organization that carries out self-education, self-management, self-service and self-supervision on behalf of all graduate students.