The journal publishing activity of SIOM is carried out by Chinese Laser Press (CLP), a company established by SIOM and Chinese Optical Society in 2009.

SIOM publishes seven journals, i.e. Advanced Photonics (AP, Launched in 2019), Photonics Research (PR, 2018 IF: 5.522), High Power Laser Science and Engineering (HPL, 2018 IF: 3.0), Chinese Optics Letters (COL, 2018 IF: 1.907), Chinese Journal of Lasers, Acta Optica Sinica, and Laser & Optoelectronics Progress.

CLP manages CLP Online Library, which is the most active online platform in Chinese optical fields aiming to provide literature and intelligence services for users. In Mar. 2019, CLP launched its English journal platform, CLP Publishing.

In addition, CLP serves the acadmeic community and industry by organizing academic conference, training courses and other relevant activities.