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Joint Laboratory on High Power Laser and Physics
Update time: 11-07-2011
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   The Joint Laboratory on High Power Laser and Physics is the main center for high power laser engineering and technology, and the related physics researches in China.

   The laboratory had now more than 180 staffs and four leading scientists have been successively elected as academicians of CAS and CAE. After more than 40 years development, it has formed a research echelon structure with professional support and sustainable development capability.The laboratory has successfully developed a series of Shenguang (SG) laser facilities, which made substantial contribution to the national science and high-tech development including the overall technology, advanced units technique, high-level operation of laser fusion drivers. Meanwhile, the laboratory has managed many international collaborative researches in recent years. It has been one of the two core R&D centers for large high-power laser driver technology in China.

   The Shenguang-Ⅱ(SG-Ⅱ) laser facility has been one of the largest inertial confined fusion experimental platforms in the world. The performance has reached the world's advanced level. For a single shot, the 8 beams can deliver eight laser beams with pulse energy of 6 kJ/1 ns, maximum laser power 1013 W as well as more than 65% third harmonic conversion efficiency. After its complementation in 2001 and ever since then, it has been operated successfully more than 4000 high quality laser shots for related physical experiments.

   The SG-Ⅱ multi-functional high power laser beam system(the 9th beam), developed for the purpose of active diagnostics for physical experiments, will satisfy the developing requirements and be a booster for the new sub-ns high power laser technology to China inertial fusion energy (IFE) research. By working on it, we have accumulated the experiences for building even more large scale high power laser facilities in the future.

   And now the upgrading SG-Ⅱ laser facility(8 beams output 40 kJ/3 ns/1 ω, 24 kJ/3 ns/3 ω), which has been constructed in the laboratory will be used in the basic research of ICF and some other related intensity field physical experiments. It also provides the technology support for building the next generation of laser driver in China.

   1. SG-Ⅱ laser facility

   2. Target area

   3. Main laser bay

   4. SG-Ⅱ U facility (model)

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