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Key Laboratory of Materials for High Power Laser, CAS
Update time: 11-07-2011
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  The Key Laboratory of Materials for High Power Laser focuses on the research of laser materials (crystals/glasses/thin films) toward high power laser applications, Laser interaction with optical material and laser damage, high-field laser induced microstructures, optical material fabrication technology and engineering, advanced materials for optical functionality, etc.. In recent years the key lab has finished over 100 research projects commissioned by the government at various levels, as well as the international collaborative research projects. In the past five years, over 200 papers have been published in high level academic journals, such as Chem. Mater., Opt. Express, Appl. Phys. Lett. etc.. The key lab has two doctoral training sites for optical engineering and materials, developed and formed a rationally structured, innovative and creative technological research team. Up to 2010, it has 82 staff, including 10 professors and 8 Ph.D supervisors.

   New IR-transparent glass and radar latent technique: some new oxyfluoride IR-glasses were developed, which had excellent infrared transparency, largely-sized formability and optical homogeneity. Based on the interaction of IR-glass with strong laser, a novel radar-letent technique was originally developed. The developed IR-glass and the radar-latent technique were increasingly used in some important fields.


   Laser and optical crystals research: the research of large-sized high quality sapphire and titanium doped sapphire (Ti3+Al2O3) laser crystals is at a leading level in China. 120 TW laser output has been demonstrated in the Ti3+Al2O3 laser crystals. Innovative achievements have been made in Yb3+ and Cr4+ doped laser crystals, which received the first class prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award in 2004.


   Design, fabrication and evaluation of high power laser coatings: standardized process for laser coating preparation has been established, and the laser damage resistance performance of the coatings has reached domestic advanced level. A series of home-made professional measurement systems have been built according to international standards, such as laser damage determination, weak absorption detection, and raster-scanning laser conditioning.

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