Fan-YangSu Scholarship

Update time: 2021-04-25
        On November 19, 2019, “Fan· YangSu” scholarship was established by the joint fund of Thin Film Optics Laboratory and Wu Zhouling, a 1990 doctoral Alumni.
        “Fan-YangSu” are respectively family names of three senior scientists who have made outstanding contributions to the establishment of Thin Film Optics Laboratory. Fan represents Professor Fan Zhengxiu, he is one of the pioneers of high power laser films and has made many excellent contributions to the cause of optical thin films in China. Yang represents Professor Yang Benqi who is the first scientist in China to transform the domestic coater into a device that can easily carry out multilayer film deposition. Moreover, Su represents Professor Su Kailong who is the first scientist engaged in the research of laser thin film in China. Hence, in order to thank the three professors for their distinguished contributions in thin film optics, the scholarship was named as “Fan· YangSu” scholarship by all members of Thin Film Optics Laboratory and Dr. Wu Zhouling, the second graduate student of Prof. Fan Zhengxiu, specially.
        The initial bonus amount of “Fan· YangSu” scholarship is 1 million yuan. Half of them were donated by the second prize of national technological innovation won by Thin Film Optics Laboratory in 2018, as well as the prizes at all levels that won the best results in the international injury competition. Another half were donated by Dr. Wu Zhouling on behalf of Hefei ZC Optoelectronic Technologies. LTD.
        This scholarship supports the whole non-directional graduate students who undertake full time study in SIOM.