Liqun Scholarship

Update time: 2021-04-25
        Shanghai Shouxin Electronics Co. Ltd. has carried out relevant cooperative researches with the Thin Film Optics Laboratory in institute. After Mr. Zhu Xinfu, chairman of the board of directors, learned that the second prize of National technology invention Prize in 2018 and Bonuses at all levels for best results in International Laser films damage threshold Competition had been donated by Thin film optics laboratory to set up the "Fan YangSu" scholarship with a total amount of 500,000 yuan. He expressed the greatest admiration to the tutors of Thin Film Optics Laboratory for their affection and devotion to the graduate education.
        Consequently on November 27, 2020, in order to promote the development of graduate student education of SIOM, chairman Zhu Xinfu, on behalf of Shanghai Shouxin Electronics Co. Ltd., donated 500,000 yuan to set up the “Liqun” Fellowship/ Scholarship to encourage doctoral students who are both excellent in conduct and academy and willing to work in the institute, as well as excellent graduate student tutors.
(1) This scholarship supports the whole non-directional doctoral students who undertake full time study in SIOM and willing to work in the institute after graduation. No more than 10 students would be awarded each year for 5,000 yuan/ preson.
(2) This fellowship supports the graduate tutors who meet one of the following conditions a award of 5,000 yuan/ preson.
        1. Tutors who won the honor of excellent tutors at school level or above in the current year;
        2. Tutors who trained graduate students to win the Excellent Doctoral Thesis Award of CAS, the Presidential Special Award of CAS, and the Excellent Thesis Award of the first level association and society of China Association for science and technology;
        3. Tutors who trained at least two graduate students to won the China National Scholarship in three years.