Chinese Laser Press announces 2019 Editor-in-Chief Choice Award

Update time: 2020-05-21

Chinese Laser Press (CLP), a comprehensive knowledge service provider in the optics field and a renowned publisher with 7 leading journals, had just announced 2019 Editor-in-Chief Choice Award, and 16 papers were in the list.

The papers were evaluated on the basis of the quality, downloads, citations, and the importance of the work to the field and were elected by Editor-in-Chief of each journal.

Great congratulations to all of the authors and many thanks to Enago and Editage for their sponsorship of the awarding of Acta Optica Sinica, Chinese Journal of Lasers, and Laser & Optoelectronics Progress.

The awarded articles are listed as follows:

Advanced Photonics (co-published by SPIE)
Title: Bound states in the continuum and Fano resonances in the strong mode coupling regime
Authors: Andrey A. Bogdanov, Kirill L. Koshelev, Polina V. Kapitanova, Mikhail V. Rybin, Sergey A. Gladyshev, Zarina F. Sadrieva, Kirill B. Samusev, Yuri S. Kivshar, and Mikhail F. Limonov
Publishing info: Vol. 1, Issue 1, 016001 (2019)

Chinese Optics Letters (co-published by OSA)
Title: Q-switched fiber laser operating at 1.5?μm based on WTe2
Authors: Mengli Liu, Yuyi Ouyang, Huanran Hou, Wenjun Liu, and Zhiyi Wei
Publishing info: Vol. 17, Issue 2, 020006 (2019)

Title: Visible light positioning: moving from 2D planes to 3D spaces
Authors: E. W. Lam and T. D. C. Little
Publishing info: Vol. 17, Issue 3, 030604 (2019)

High Power Laser Science and Engineering (co-published by CUP)
Title: Technology development for ultraintense all-OPCPA systems
Authors: J. Bromage, S.-W. Bahk, I. A. Begishev, C. Dorrer, M. J. Guardalben, B. N. Hoffman, J. B. Oliver, R. G. Roides, E. M. Schiesser, M. J. Shoup III, M. Spilatro, B. Webb, D. Weiner, and J. D. Zuegel
Publishing info: Vol. 7, Issue 1, 010000e4 (2019)

Photonics Research (co-published by OSA)
Title: Ultralow-crosstalk, strictly non-blocking microring-based optical switch
Authors: Qixiang Cheng, Liang Yuan Dai, Nathan C. Abrams, Yu-Han Hung, Padraic E. Morrissey, Madeleine Glick, Peter O’Brien, and Keren Bergman
Publishing info: Vol. 7, Issue 2, 02000155 (2019)

Title: Efficient InGaN-based yellow-light-emitting diodes
Authors: Fengyi Jiang, Jianli Zhang, Longquan Xu, Jie Ding, Guangxu Wang, Xiaoming Wu, Xiaolan Wang, Chunlan Mo, Zhijue Quan, Xing Guo, Changda Zheng, Shuan Pan, and Junlin Liu
Publishing info: Vol. 7, Issue 2, 02000144 (2019)

Chinese Journal of Lasers
Title: Shanghai Soft X-Ray Free-Electron Laser Facility
Authors: Zhentang Zhao, Dong Wang, Lixin Yin, Qiang Gu, Guoping Fang, Ming Gu, Yongbin Leng, Qiaogen Zhou, Bo Liu, Chuanxiang Tang, Wenhui Huang, Zhi Liu, Huaidong Jiang, Zuqian Weng
Publishing info: Vol. 46, Issue 1, 0100004 (2019)

Title: Interaction of Acoustic Phonons and Photons in Highly Nonlinear Photonic Crystal Fibers
Authors: Siming Ding, Sigang Yang, Yi Yang, Jinyan Li, Minghua Chen, Shizhong Xie
Publishing info: Vol. 46, Issue 5, 0508027 (2019)

Title: Double Ionization of Helium in Extreme Ultraviolet Pulse in Presence of Extremely Short Mid-Infrared Pulse
Authors: Liang Xu, Wanyang Wu, Feng He
Publishing info: Vol. 46, Issue 5, (2019)

Title: Nb5N6 Microbolometer Terahertz Array Detection Chips
Authors: Xuecou Tu, Xiaoqing Jia, Lin Kang, Jian Chen, Peiheng Wu
Publishing info: Vol. 46, Issue 6, 0614003 (2019)

Acta Optica Sinica
Title: Design and Simulation of Pure Rotational Raman Lidar System for Daytime Detection of Atmospheric Temperature
Authors: Fei Gao, Bo Huang, Dongchen Shi, Qingsong Zhu, Rui Zhang, Li Wang, Shichun Li, Dengxin Hua
Publishing info: Vol. 39, Issue 3, 0301004 (2019)

Title: Measurement of High-Order Coherence of Light Field Based on Intensified Charge-Coupled Device
Authors: Jinkai Cao, Pengfei Yang, Yali Tian, Wei Wu, Pengfei Zhang, Gang Li, Tiancai Zhang
Publishing info: Vol. 39, Issue 7, 0712008 (2019)

Title: OLED-on-Silicon Microdisplay Controller Based on Multi-Scale Pyramid
Authors: Yuan Ji, Qin Gao, Yunsen Yu, Wendong Chen, Tingzhou Mu, Feng Ran
Publishing info: Vol. 39, Issue 12, 1223001 (2019)

Title: Manipulation on Novel Vector Optical Fields: Introduction, Advances and Applications
Authors: Yue Pan, Jianping Ding, Huitian Wang
Publishing info: Vol. 39, Issue 1, 0126001 (2019)

Laser & Optoelectronics Progress
Title: Progress and Perspectives of Nonlinear Plasmonics
Authors: Yang Li, Junjun Shi, Di Zheng, Meng Kang, Tong Fu, Shunping Zhang, Hongxing Xu
Publishing info: Vol. 56, Issue 20, 202401 (2019)

Title: Recent Progress of Soliton Transient Dynamics in Ultrafast Fiber Lasers
Authors: Zhiwei Wei, Meng Liu, Hu Cui, Aiping Luo, Wencheng Xu, Zhichao Luo
Publishing info: Vol. 56, Issue 7, 070006 (2019)