SIOM&ELI-ALPS collaborations forge ahead

Update time: 2020-01-20

Recently, working along with the group from National Laboratory on High Power Laser and Physics, SIOM, CAS, the ELI-ALPS research team had conducted a Sino-Hungarian cooperative joint experiment on the SG-II 5PW system. The study was centered on the plasma evolution of nanosecond laser modification by diagnosing with the relativistic femtosecond laser probe. The experiment was successfully completed on January 16, 2020 and the expected scientific objectives were achieved.

On January 17th, during a visit by the delegation from European Union ELI-ALPS (Hungary), Prof. Kahaly, one of the leading scientists from ELI-ALPS and also the leader of the cooperative study, gave a presentation entitled "Electron acceleration and high harmonic generation from solids at high intensities".

Prof. Kahaly’s talk started from the history and development of ultra-short pulse lasers, and introduced the progress of relativistic electrodynamics in the process of the interaction between ultra-high-power ultra-short pulse lasers and solid matter in recent years.

The report focused on electron acceleration and research on the physics of strong field plasma generated by coherent XUV high-order harmonics, and put forward suggestions for the potential development direction of basic research and applied research in this field.

The ELI-ALPS delegation spoke highly of the Sino-Hungarian cooperative experiment and looked forward to further academic collaboration in the future.