Professor Ido Kaminer visits SIOM

Update time: 2019-12-26

On December 24th, Dr. Ido Kaminer, assistant professor of Israel Institute of Technology, the fellow of Azrieli Faculty, visited SIOM and gave a report named “ Free-Electron Quantum Optics: basic science and new applications” at Qinghe Seminar. This seminar was hosted by Prof. ZHANG Long and Prof. LENG Yuxin.

In his report, Prof. Ido Kaminer introduced cavity quantum electrodynamics (CQED) which enabled new capabilities in quantum optics and quantum computation. He pointed out that, so far, all the work in this field only included bound-electron systems such as atoms, quantum dots and quantum circuits. In contrast, free-electron systems can enable fundamentally different physical phenomena, as their energy distribution is continuous and not discrete, and allow for tunable transitions and selection rules.

Dr. Ido Kaminer’s research is focused on the field of light-matter interactions to nanophotonics with 2D material platforms. He has won multiple awards and grants, including the GIF Young Science and the European Research Council grant for starting faculty members.