Prof. Changhwan LIM from Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute visits SIOM

Update time: 2019-07-22

On July 19, Prof. Changhwan LIM, the 2019 CAS PIFI visiting fellow from Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI), visited SIOM and gave an academic lecture at Yizhi Hall. Prof. Shao Jianda, Secretary of the Party Committee of SIOM, and Ms. Lin Hongxiang, deputy Director of the General Office participated into the meeting. The seminar was hosted by Prof. Leng Yuxin, Director of the State Key Laboratory of High Field Laser Physics.

In his talk entitled “Development of a Split-Disk Nd: Ceramic Amplifier for Materials Processing”, Prof. LIM first introduced the main research objectives and phase results of the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute. The development of the split disk Nd:YAG ceramic amplifier was systematically reviewed, and the development of a polycrystalline Nd:YAG ceramic amplifier was introduced. In their study, the Nd:YAG ceramic doped with Nd 0.8 atomic% is used as the gain medium, and the pulse light output with re-frequency of 30Hz, pulse width of 10ns and energy of 6.5J is realized. He believes the laser has wide application in materials processing and other fields.

Following the seminar, Prof. Shao Jianda awarded Prof. Changhwan LIM with the honorary certificate of “2019 CAS PIFI International Visiting Fellow” and presented him the commemorative gift.

Since 1988 after Dr. Lim joined to KAERI, he has worked on the development of high power lasers and high resolution laser spectroscopy for isotope separation. He got a Ph. D. from Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University, under the title of “Study on atomic vapor laser isotope separation of Zirconium”. Since 2004, he took charge of a new high power laser program in KAERI after transferring Japanese old laser system, named Gekko IV. He re-constructed the old Gekko-IV laser as a modified one, named KLF (KAERI Laser Facility) with SIOM and LFRC scientists. He now takes charge of KLF laboratory, HEDS research in KAERI, and since 2009, he has managed the Korea-China cooperation project with SIOM.