Dr. CHEN Danping

Update time: 2020-06-08

Phone: 86-21-59911975
Email: d-chen@mail.siom.ac.cn

Research Focus
My main interests are in two aspects: a) development of rare earth ions and perovskite quantum dots doped glasses and glass-ceramics for laser and scintillation detection; b) exploring new microstructure active fiber and composite fiber of glass-ceramics core and glass cladding for fiber laser. These include investigation on the mechanism of photoluminescence and radioluminescence in glass, as well as the relationship between fiber structure and fiber properties. More than 300 papers have been published and more than 50 authorized patents have been obtained in these fields.
Students of strong self-motivation and curiosity about functional glass, fiber and fiber laser are highly encouraged to join us.
1. Room temperature synthesis of CsPbX3 (X = Cl, Br, I) perovskite quantum dots by water-induced surface crystallization of glass, J.Alloys and Compounds, 81825 (2020) 152872.
2. Luminescence behavior of Eu3+ in silica glass containing GdVO4: Eu Nanocrystals, J. Non-Crystalline Solids 532 (2020) 119894.
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8. Yb-Er doped composite fiber with silicate clad and phosphate core prepared by stack-and-draw method, Optical and Quantum Electronics, 49(4) (2017) 162.
9. Preparation and characterizations of Yb:YAG-derived silica fibers drawn by on-line feeding molten core approach, Ceramics International, 43(7) (2017) 5837-5841.
1. CN107065066-B; Cladding quartz fiber structure.
2. CN106495463-B; Method for preparation of composite optical fiber.
3. CN102508333-B; Used as a double-clad full solid photonic crystal optical fiber.
4. United States Patent: 7,758,774, 7,938,551; Luminescent Glass.
5. United States Patent: 7,975,508; Process for Producing High Silicate Glass and High Silicate Glass.
6. United States Patent: 9,260,340; Luminous nano-glass-ceramics used as white LED source and preparing method of luminous nano-glass-ceramics.