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3D Printing on the Micrometer Scale
Update time: 07-04-2017
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Speaker: Mr.Martin Hermatschweiler, Nanoscribe GmbH 
Time: 16:00, July 4, 2017(Tuesday)
Venue: Room 108, Building No.1

Author information: 
Martin Hermatschweiler is co-founder and managing partner of Nanoscribe GmbH, ever since the company was founded. His main task as CEO is the company’s positive development, particularly through the development of newmarkets. He studied physics in Ulm and Karlsruhe and graduated with honors. His scientific expertise lies in laser patterning of polymers as well as in their casting into high refractive index optical materials. 
Recent years have witnessed the booming of Additive Manufacturing (AM) or 3D Printing technologies which are suitable of making almost arbitrarily shaped 3D objects with ease. Their design freedom as well as fabrication easiness has enabled AM to be widely used in many industrial sectors such as airplane engines, dentists, even sport shoes. However common AM technologies reach their resolution limitations when applications demand a few tens µm layer thickness. Here we present Nanoscribe’s two-photon polymerization based highest-resolution 3D printing technology. 3D micro-objects with heights from a few hundred nanometers up to several millimeters and layer thicknesses well below 1 μm can be routinely achieved with Nanoscribe’s Photonic Professional GT systems. Furthermore, PPGT systems offer maskless lithography capabilities as an alternative to electron beam lithography with its deep sub-µm feature size and high writing speed. The versatility of PPGT and its solution based integral approach including software and materials drive a multitude of applications in academia and pioneering industry, such as optics & photonics, material sciences, life sciences & biomedical, microfluidics, and MEMS… 
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