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High Power High Repetition Rate Diode-pumped Ultrafast Laser
Update time: 11-07-2017
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Speaker: Dr. Antoine COURJAUD1, Amplitude Systèmes, France
Time: 10:00 a.m., November 7, 2017 (Tuesday)
Venue: Room 108, Building No.1

Antoine COURJAUD, born in 1975, received his graduate degree from the French Graduate School of Optics in 1997, and achieved a PhD degree with pioneering work on diode-pumped femtosecond lasers based on ytterbium materials and its applications, at the Centre Lasers Intense et Applications (CELIA) at the University of Bordeaux. He demonstrated first sub-100fs oscillator based on Yb:GdCOB, multikilohertz CPA compact system using regenerative amplifier based on Yb:KGW and sub-30fs NOPA pumped by this compact source.

He joined Amplitude Systèmes since its beginning in 2002, where he managed the product development of several industrial ultrafast laser sources, including oscillators (t-Pulse, Mikan), amplifiers (s-Pulse series), frequency conversion, post-compression...

Since 2009, he focused his interest on the development of high energy and high power ultrafast lasers, at room temperature or using cryo-cooled technology, and including pioneering work on new crystals such as Yb: CaF2. This innovative technology brought to the market a new laser family: The Magma series.

Additionally, he also leads the development of innovative solutions for precise synchronization of ultrafast amplified lasers, pushing the jitter to the level of few fs, to allow a precise coincidence of any ultrafast laser of Amplitude Laser Group portfolio with other electron or photon sources.

In this presentation we will deal with the latest developments within the Amplitude Laser Group of the high power ultrafast diode-pumped laser solutions based on Ytterbium doped materials.

In the frame of the Interaction Laser development for the Gamma Source for the ELI-NP facility [1], in Magurele, Romania, two Joule-class CPA lasers running at 100 Hz in the picosecond regime are required. On the interaction side of the Gamma Source, the conversion process requires narrow bandwidth picosecond visible pulses, with close to Joule-level energy at 100 Hz repetition rate. In industry as well as in science, when the application requires high average power and accepts pulse duration in the sub-ps to ps regime, the diode-pumped technology using Ytterbium doped materials constitutes the ideal solution. This technology exhibits altogether efficiency, compactness, simplicity, allowing high average power and reliability. We report an efficient 100 mJ level laser source at 100 Hz repetition rate based on Yb:YAG thin disk technology, that will be used as the front-end of the whole laser chain, in order to seed the main Yb:YAG amplifier.

We will also introduce the other developments to adapt the Yb-based technologies (fiber especially) for the ultrafast science applications’ requirements as regards the pulse energy (> 100’s µJ), the repetition rate (> 100 kHz), the pulse duration (< 20 fs) and the CEP stabilization.

PHYSALIS regenerative amplifier based on Yb:YAG technology, up to 50 mJ at 100 Hz, used as seeder for the interaction lasers of the Gamma Source for ELI-NP facility. 

Extracted energy from a thin disk regenerative amplifier @100Hz, with the corresponding beam quality
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