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Qinghe Seminar:Internal modification of transparent dielectrics by ultrashort laser pulses and its application to microwelding
Update time: 05-30-2016
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Reporter:Prof. Isamu Miyamoto
Affiliation: Osaka University

Time: At 10:00AM,30 May,2016
Place: Yizhi Meeting Room

Abstract: Internal modification by ultrashort laser pulses (USLPs) has attracted much attention, which include waveguide formation, selective etching, microwelding and so on. Among them glass welding is, without any doubt, one of the most promising applications, since glass welding is extremely difficult due to brittle property despite its excellent physical and chemical properties.
Present talk consists of two parts. First part discusses laser absorption property of transparent dielectrics, which includes evaluation of nonlinear absorptivity and analysis of laser absorption process based on rate equation model. Second part includes crack-free welding mechanism, sample preparation for welding and mechanical strength of weld joint. High mechanical strength of glass-to-glass microwelding is shown to be realized at high throughput using USLPs at high pulse repetition rates. High speed, high strength glass-to-Si welding is also presented, which is competitive to anodic bonding technology.

Biography: Prof. Isamu Miyamoto started his research work on laser material processing from 1965 with developing high power CO2 laser (first CO2 laser oscillation in Japan) and applied lasers for R&D of laser-matter interaction in Osaka University. Since then he has been involved in a lot of pioneering work on a variety of laser processing technologies using CW to ultrashort pulse lasers and published over 400 papers. He is a founder of Japan Laser Processing Society and LPM Conference. After retirement from Osaka University in 2004, he has been actively involved in research work on laser materials processing as a Guest professor in Germany and Finland.
He received Arthur Schawlow Award from Laser Institute of America in 2012 and ‘Knight of Laser Technology’ from LANE in 2014 for his outstanding work. He is currently a Professor Emeritus of Osaka University, Japan, and a Guest Professor at Erlangen SAOT, Germany. He is also an honorable Chair of LPM Conference. His recent research topic is internal modification of dielectrics by ultrashort pulse lasers.

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