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Project of optical field measurement wins the national award of 2018
Update time: 10-26-2018
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    On October 24th, the awarding ceremony of the "2018 Science and Technology Award of China Instrument and Control Society" was held in Beijing. The project "New Optical Field Measurement Technology and its Application", led by Professor Zhu Jianqiang and Professor Liu Cheng from Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, won the first prize. 
    Pitching in their efforts to solve the bottleneck problem of on-line measurement complex optical field in high-power pulsed laser, researchers orchestrated an independent development scenario, a journey from principle innovation, key technology breakthrough to instrumentation. The project helped realize the precision measurement of the optical complex amplitude field of large-scale laser device, and carried out such applications as complex surface detection of optical component, dynamic diagnosis of laser plasma, and measurement of repetitive frequency laser thermal distortion and transient stress of optical component. Their achievements have produced significant social and economic benefits and shed light for a wide range of applications. 
    Along with the project fruits, the team, a newly established unit in Joint Laboratory on High Power Laser and Physics, makes it its mission to tap serial breakthroughs in technologies and applications of advanced optical field measurement technology and have produced large yields of invention patents, academic papers, and graduate cultivation. 
    Approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Science and Technology Award of the China Instrument and Control Society aims to reward institutions and individuals for their outstanding contributions to instrumentation technology, ranging from innovation, cooperation and integration of scientific researches.

Award certificate

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