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Research on meter-scale polarizers wins the First Prize of the 2017 Shanghai Technological Invention Award
Update time: 03-26-2018
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    On March 23rd, Shanghai Science and Technology Awards Conference in 2017 was held at the Shanghai Exhibition Center. The project “Complete fabrication technologies and applications of meter-scale polarizers with high extinction and high laser-induced damage threshold” led by Professor Shao Jianda from Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, won the First Prize of Shanghai Technological Invention Award. 
    The project team focuses on complete fabrication technologies of meter-scale polarizers. After more than one decade of continuous work and overcoming a series of key technical problems in fabricating large-scale laser polarizers, the researchers proposed and implemented a systematic engineering solution for a full process control of substrate processing, coating and detecting. 
    With key achievements, their remarkable work aims to meet laser fusion research and promote technological progress of laser thin films and related industries. Their innovations have been widely used in SG laser, PW laser and other industrial fields; and their products have been exported to several other countries.

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