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SIOM "The program of preliminary research on X-ray 3D diffraction tomography with intensity correlation" is approved
ArticleSource: /量子光学重点实验室/
Update time: 12-18-2008
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   On Dec 11 2008 the Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality (STCSM) inspected the program of preliminary research on X-ray 3D diffraction tomography with intensity correlation performed by Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics (SIOM), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and supported by STCSM. Prof. Shensheng Han, the director of the research group, presented the research summary report to the inspecting committee. The committee examined the related material and agreed on the follow conclusions:

   Combining and taking the advantages of both intensity correlation imaging and diffraction tomography, the intensity correlation imaging technology can be extended into 3D space. During the research period, a demo experiment of 3D intensity correlation diffraction tomography with monochromatic 650nm pseudo-thermal light source has been successfully performed. A new scheme of real space intensity correlation imaging scheme, which solved the dilemma between the resolution ability and imaging field in traditional imaging system, was proposed and demonstrated experimentally. Moreover, a new phase retrieval method of lensless intensity correlation Fourier-transform imaging which can greatly improve the ability of phase retrieval for X-ray diffraction is developed. The results obtained during the research period set up a foundation for realizing incoherent X-ray, -ray and thermal neutron 3D diffraction intensity correlation imaging.

   On account of the accomplishment that the research group has fulfilled all indexes labeled in the project contract, and established a good foundation for the intensity correlation diffraction imaging on Shanghai Synchronic Radiation, the committee approved the conclusion of the program.

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