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Non-collision Shockwave Experiment Has Been Successfully Performed on SHENGUANG-II Laser Facility
ArticleSource: /高功率激光物理国家实验室/
Update time: 10-07-2008
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   From 16th to 29th September 2008, scientists of eight research groups from all over China, Japan and Korea have performed a non-collision shockwave experiment in National Laboratory on High Power Laser and Physics by using the nine beams of the SHENGUANG-II laser facility.

   Being a very important phenomena in the celestial physics study, Non-collision shockwave has been observed many times during the process of the supernova explosion. This process usually accompanied by the generation of the high energy astro- rays and ions. Because of its complicated evolvement and the existence of instability, non-collision shockwave has been a research hotspot in the astronomy study. Apart from this time of the experiment, scientists can only passively give the observation of it through watching what had happened in the deep sky.

   The purpose of this experiment is to simulate the process of the non-collision shockwave generation in the laboratory region. Scientists viewed the interested phenomena by carefully controlled the experimental conditions. It has been proved the deduction that, in celestial physics study, while a non-collision shockwave occurring in a supernova explosion it must be accompanied by the generation of high energy astro- rays and ions.

   This kind of experiment put a critical demanding on the used laser facility. But under the excellent works of the SHENGUANG-II laser Faculty, oversea scientists have successfully obtained the satisfactory photos of the expected results. After the experiments, they have acknowledged a great appreciation on the state of the SHENGUANG-II laser facility. While compared with other foreign laser facilities, such as the Valcum of Rushford and the Gekko-XII of Japan, the output beam quality of SHENGUANG-II laser facility, as well as the provided target services and the variety of the functions for the ninth probe laser beam have all achieved the international leading level.

   The National Laboratory on High Power Laser and Physics owes a lot for the helpful advice that the oversea scientists who give us. In the next future, The SHENGUANG-II laser facility will be reconstructed toward the first class and the open laser experimental platform.

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