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OPN of OSA has published a SIOM monograph "Fiber lasers and their coherent beam combination"
ArticleSource: /先进激光技术与应用系统实验室/
Update time: 05-12-2008
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   In May, 2008, the Optics & Photonics News magazine of OSA has published a monograph, written by Qihong Lou, Jun Zhou and Bing He et al. in Novel Laser Technique and Application System Laboratory of SIOM, and the title of the monograph is "Fiber lasers and their coherent beam combination". The OPN magazine announces are high-level review papers or up-to-date hot-point research papers of all over the world in optical field.

   With the support of national 973 project, national 863 project, CAS knowledge innovation project and Shanghai optical science and technology project, high power fiber lasers and coherent beam combination have been systematically studied by a fiber research group of Novel Laser Technique and Application System Laboratory of SIOM. This paper announcing on OPN has summed up fiber laser research progressing in their group for the last 5 years, including the experimental and theoretic study about continuous-wave high power fiber lasers (Chin. Phys. Lett. 2004), pulse-compressed acousto-optic Q-switched fiber laser (Opt. Lett. 2007) , and coherent beam combination of fiber lasers (Opt. Express , 2006).

   The paper has got attention of international counterpart immediately after it was published. C. J. Corcoran, US Corcoran Engineering Inc. promoter, E-mail to congratulate announcing of this paper and point out that some innovative viewpoints presented in this paper "not to be noticed in most of studies".

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