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SIOM-RAS partnership doomed to bear fruits
Update time: 03-29-2019
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On March 29, a high-level delegation from Russian Academy of Sciences paid a visit to SIOM. Among the delegates were professor Sergeyev. A.M., President of RAS, Mr. Glukhovtsev O.E., director-general of Bureau of International Cooperation of RAS and Professor Chernobrovtseva from Institute of Applying Physics of RAS.
Professor SHAO Jianda, CPC secretary of SIOM, made a warm address to the guests. Professor ZHANG Long, vice Director of SIOM, gave a short introduction of the Institute, of its historical evolution, personnel structure, major research units and international cooperation. His report also mentioned the past and ongoing collaborations as well as suggestions of future integrated work between SIOM and RAS institutes. Following these, Professor Sergeyev. A.M., also a well-known scientist in plasma physics and physics of femtosecond lasers, gave a report entitled “Extreme Light Physics” and shared his novel ideas in this cutting-edge field. Centering on laser physics in the extremely high field and mega-projects, the two sides agreed to initiate serial seminars and MOUs in different levels to push forward actual collaborations.
In further understanding SIOM, the delegation also visited State Key Laboratory of High Field Laser Physic, Joint Laboratory on High Power Laser and Physics and Shanghai Superintense Ultrafast Laser Facility (SULF) in Pudong.

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