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PIFI Professor ARIE ZIGLER lectures at Qinghe Seminar
Update time: 01-07-2019
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    From December 2018 to January 2019, Professor ARIE ZIGLER from Hebrew University was invited to conduct a two-week cooperative experiment with the NLHPLP in SIOM.

    In the visit to the Shenguang II comprehensive experimental laser facility of the NLHPLP, Professor ARIE ZIGLER held seminar and academic discussions to analyze and solve the problems in the experiment. His seminar focused on the technical issues surrounding the cooperative experiments based on plasma lenses, the current progress and achievements, as well as the following experimental plans and preparations. This cooperative experiment has achieved some preliminary results and paved the way for the future research.

    On January 4, 2019, Professor ARIE ZIGLER attended the Qinghe Seminar at the YiZhi Hall of SIOM. Professor Chen Weibiao, vice director of SIOM, awarded him the certificate of Qinghe Seminar. In his presentation entitled “Towards Remote Lightning Manipulation by Meters-long Plasma Channels Generated by Ultra-Short-Pulse High-Intensity Lasers”, he introduced how to use an ultra-long plasma channel to restrain and guide the high-intensity laser, and discussed the possibility of guiding lightning based on plasma channel. He proposed a method of prolonging the lifetime of plasma channel by dual femtosecond and nanosecond lasers. Also, he showed the decisive experimental results and research progress of his team. 
    Professor ARIE ZIGLER has more than 30 years' experience of experimental physics in the fields of high power laser, plasma physics, high intensity ultrashort pulse laser and laser material interaction. He is the formal professor of Lakar Institute of Physics, Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel, the visiting professor of National Institute of Nuclear Physics in Frascati, Italy, and also the member of the American Physical Society. Professor ARIE ZIGLER has published more than 200 academic papers and achieved 12 patents, and has been invited to attend international academic conferences for many occasions.

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