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International Cooperation
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A New Tie Built between SIOM and General Fusion
Update time: 12-20-2018
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    To have a better understanding of SIOM, a high profiled delegation of General Fusion (GF), a Canadian company focusing on fusion power, had just visited SIOM on December 19. 
    Ms. Hongxiang Lin, who is charging in SIOM international collaboration, gave a brief introduction of SIOM. Mr. Michael Delage, CTO of General Fusion Canada introduced the GF history, research and structure, etc. The academic seminar was presided over by Prof. Tiejun Wang from State Key Laboratory of High Field Physics. 
    In exploring bilateral collaboration, the two parties had deeper discussion of plasma diagnosis including LIDAR Thompson scattering system. Based on each other’s advantages and techniques, both parties agreed to keep contact in this cutting-edge scientific research. 
    Founded in 2002 in Burnaby, British Columbia and funded by a variety of investors, GF is developing a fusion power device based on magnetized target fusion. It is the goal of GF to demonstrate and commercialize this new clean, safe and economical concept by the end of the decade.

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