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Professor Yang Zhenhuan visits SIOM
Update time: 11-01-2018
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    On October 30, Professor Yang Zhenhuan, Emeritus Professor of Electronic Engineering Evan Pugh of Pennsylvania State University, visited SIOM. Professor Zhou Changhe and Professor Situ Guohai from Laboratory of Information Optics and Optoelectronic Technology received Professor Yang. 
    At the seminar, Professor Yang Zhenhuan first introduced the relevant knowledge of exploring time-domain space. His report, entitled "Discovery of Temporal Universe", mainly points out that time is one of the most interesting variables, and physical space can’t be embedded in virtual space. According to Einstein's energy equation, it proves that energy and mass can be exchanged. 
    In his following report named “Quantum Limited Communication”, Professor Yang pointed out that we exist in a time-series universe, and an important criterion of the time-series universe is that we can't get something without effort. Everything has the cost of energy and time, which is related to the basic limitations of Heisenberg uncertainty principle  ??E and ??t (or ??v and ??t)  and other related theories. 
    Professor Yang’s distinctive ideas on cutting-edged sciences inspired great interest and aroused heated discussions among the participants . 
    Professor Yang Zhenhuan is an internationally renowned expert in optical information processing. He has been engaged in optical signal processing, holography, information optics, optical computing, neural networks, optical refraction optics, optical fiber sensors and photonic devices. His achievement won him many international academic awards, such as the IEEE Donald G. Fink Award and the SPIE Dennis Gabor Award.


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