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Professor Picart and Professor Slangen visits SIOM
Update time: 10-27-2018
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    On October 25, 2018, Professor Pascal Picart, Associate Professor Silvio Montrésor of the University of Le Mans, and Professor Pierre Slangen of the Alice Institute of Higher Mining paid a visit to SIOM. Professor Zhou Changhe and Professor Situ Guohai of Laboratory of Information Optics and Optoelectronic Technology met with three scientists and more than 20 employees and students participated in the academic exchange. 
    Professor Picart made a report entitled "Coherent imaging: principle and applications". In the report, Professor Picart first introduced the basic principles and characteristics of coherent imaging, and discussed the problems related to speckle imaging, such as the statistical characteristics of speckle, including feature size and contrast. In addition, phase tomography, erythrocyte imaging, dual-wavelength profilometry and transient vibration measurement were also mentioned. Professor Slangen made a report entitled "High speed imaging: recent developments and applications". In this report, he introduced the principles and challenges of high-speed imaging technology based on holography and speckle measurement in vivid and passionate language. The dynamic process of flame, explosion, shock wave and high-speed shock acquired by using high-speed imaging technology was also shown. In the report entitled "Noise processing in digital images and applications to digital holography in acoustics", Professor Montresor introduced how to eliminate the high frequency noise of deconvolution signal in digital holography by filtering, and compared several filtering methods, among which are median filtering, Gauss filtering and window Fourier filtering.

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