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Professor Jonathan Knight visits SIOM
Update time: 08-01-2018
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    On July 31th, Professor Jonathan Knight, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University of Bath, visited SIOM at the invitation of the R&D Center of High Power Laser Components. 
    Professor Jonathan Knight is a world-renowned physicist in optoelectronics and pioneer in the field of microstructure fiber optics. In the late 1990s, he and his colleagues Tim Birks and Phillip St. Russell co-invented and developed the first photonic crystal fiber in the world, followed by extensive studies and focuses. He has long been engaged in basic research in fiber optics, and made outstanding contributions in the fields of microstructure fiber design, fabrication and characterization, supercontinuum generation in fiber, nonlinear fiber optics and gas fiber optics, etc. 
    In his visit, Professor Jonathan Knight presented a speech entitled “World beating performance from optical fibers by using a hollow core” in Yizhi Hall. The latest development of hollow-core fiber, specifically the most recent progress of study in low-loss anti-resonant hollow-core fiber was introduced and prospective of using hollow-core fiber in fundamental and applied science and technology was discussed. 
    The seminar atttracted a wide audience of staff and students in and outside SIOM. Dr. Zhang Long, deputy director of SIOM, Dr. He Hongbo, division director of the Scientific Research Management Department, Dr. Leng Yuxin, director of the State Key Laboratory of High Field Laser Physics, and Dr. Hu Lili in the R&D Center of High Power Laser Components, Dr. Zhao Xuesong from the University of Wenzhou and, joined the seminar. 

    After the seminar, Professor Jonathan Knight was invited to visit the labs of the R&D Center of High Power Laser Components. Establishing an long-term academic partnership between SIOM and the University of Bath including research collaboration, academic staff visiting and student exchange scheme, was fully discussed and initial intent was reached.


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