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Prof. Andrew deMello visits SIOM
Update time: 05-02-2018
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  On April 28th, Prof. Andrew deMello from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich visited SIOM for academic exchange and cooperation discussion. Mr. Zou Ming, Vice director of SIOM met with Prof. Andrew deMello; In the morning, a high-level academic Qinghe Seminar was organized, which was presided over by Ms. Lin Hongxiang. 
    Before the seminar, a tripartite cooperation agreement was signed between ETH Zurich, Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine mechanics, CAS, and Zhejiang University of Technology. The agreement targets joint research project application and implementation on functional optofluidic devices and technology. It aims to use high precision optical measurement technology to improve the accuracy of the microfluidic control and analysis and utilize the microfluidic to achieve the tunable micro-optical components. It is hoped that the cooperation can expand the application of high precision optical measurement technology and achieve some tunable optical components. 
    On Qinghe Seminar, Prof. Andrew deMello first gave a report entitled “Microfluidics for Ultra-High-Throughput Chemistry & Biology: Droplets, Particles & Photons”. He introduced the latest developments and their lab’s innovative work in the field of microfluidics, and further analyzed the role of optical detection technology in microfluidic control and analysis. Dr. Du Ying from Zhejiang University of Technology introduced their research work in micro-optoelectronic devices and optofluidic. Younger researchers from SIOM showed their research progress in optical devices, surface plasmon resonance ellipsometry and time-resolved analytical techniques; Dr. Hu Guohang of SIOM suggested the joint research field and cooperation programs. 
    In 2017, Prof. Andrew deMello was selected in the recruitment program for foreign experts from State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs. With 22 patents and numerous honors including the honor from Royal Society of Chemistry, he has published more than 450 academic papers in top journals such as Nature, Science and Nature Chemistry.


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