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More gains expected for Sino-Hungary scientific cooperation in laser field
Update time: 01-10-2018
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       On 8 January 2018, Ms. Lili Siklos, Science and Technology attaché from the Embassy of Hungary in Beijing, paid an official visit to SIOM. Prof. Zhang Long, Vice Director of SIOM, Prof. Leng Yuxin, Dean of the State Key laboratory of High Field Laser Physics and Ms. Lin Hongxiang, Head of Foreign Affairs Office attended the meeting.

Prof. Zhang Long first gave a brief introduction to the institute, covering its history, innovative achievements, scientific facilities and also the network on international cooperation. Following a video display of the overall framework of SIOM was a deeper communication about bilateral scientific research cooperation.

Ms. Lili introduced Hungarian government’s efforts in boosting its national research by establishing its own national research center (laser research as one of its research priorities) and tapping the international sources in signing intergovernmental agreements. As a diplomat of science and technology, her main focus was searching potential partners around China and SIOM, a linchpin of China’s laser research, is among their first choices. She hoped her visit could pave the way for more complementary cooperation. Prof. Leng briefly introduced the Belt and Road Initiative and Ms. Lin introduced the status of China MOST's collecting Sino-Hungry projects and suggested both sides focus on the interested research fields to promote the two countries' collaboration in the near future.

Following the deep discussions, both sides agreed to have further contact to put forward valuable agenda through workshops, project applications, student exchanges as well as academic communications.


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