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The 28th Qinghe Seminar is held successfully
Update time: 05-17-2017
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On May 10, 2017, Prof. Jean-Michel Nunzi from Queen’s University paid a visit to SIOM and delivered a presentation entitled by “Opto-Electronic properties of organic and composite materials for photovoltaic devices” on Qinghe Seminar. Many young researchers and graduate students in SIOM attended this seminar.

The talk of Prof. Jean-Michel Nunzi focused on self-organization of nano-photonic structures and their opto-electronic properties for photovoltaic devices, and developed a microscopic picture of the origin of the “Surface Relied Gratings”. He discovered that the photoactive molecules move like motors into a glassy matrix when the same materials self-organized into robust photonic structures, meanwhile they were excited under a uniform light beam. He attributed the process to the nonlinear optical interaction in which the movement of the molecules under light happens from regions of high excitation rate, to regions of lower excitation rate, in a totally reversible manner. The process stops when the excitation rate is minimized. This allows the collective fabrication of nano-structures that maximize light matter interaction. That is exactly what is desired in order to harvest solar energy.

Prof. Jean-Michel Nunzi is a full professor i Department of Physics, engineering Physics and Astronomy, Department of Chemistry, Queen’s University, Canada. He is also the visiting scientists of our institute under the CAS President’s International Fellowship Initiative for 2017. His research interests are the optical and electronic properties of organic materials and devices, including photo-physics, nonlinear optics, self-organization under light, charge generation and transport, solar cells, plastic lasers, nano-materials, bio-compatible materials and devices. He also studies the fabrication of chiral structures using light - matter interactions. Up to now, he has published 11 patents, 240 peer-reviewed publications. More than 7000 citations, H-index is 44. He is SPIE Senior Membership, IOP Fellow, ACS National Membership, Member of the Optical Society of America, and Member of Chemical Institute of Canada and Constituent Societies. He also serves as Editorial Board Member of Scientific Reports, Chinese Optics Letters, European Physical Journal: Applied Physics, and Energies.

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