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The 24th Qinghe Seminar is held successfully
Update time: 06-03-2016
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On May 30, 2016, Prof. Isamu Miyamoto from Osaka University visited SIOM and presented a talk entitled by “Internal modification of transparent dielectrics by ultrashort laser pulses and its application to microwelding” on Qinghe Seminar. Prof. Weibiao Chen, the vice director of SIOM, expressed his warm welcome and presided over the seminar. Prof. Ya Cheng, who is the vice director of State Key Laboratory of High Field Laser Physics, gave a brief introduction to Prof. Isamu Miyamoto. More than 30 researchers in SIOM attended this seminar.

The talk of Prof. Isamu Miyamoto consisted of two parts. In the first part, he discussed laser absorption property of transparent dielectrics, which included evaluation of nonlinear absorptivity and analysis of laser absorption process based on rate equation model. In the second part, he discussed crack-free welding mechanism, sample preparation for welding and mechanical strength of weld joint. In his talk, high mechanical strength of glass-to-glass microwelding was shown to be realized at high throughput using USLPs at high pulse repetition rates. And High speed, high strength glass-to-Si welding was also presented, which was competitive to anodic bonding technology.

In addition, Prof. Isamu Miyamoto visited the Joint Laboratory of High Power Laser Physics and the State Key Laboratory of High Field Laser Physics and discussed with Prof. Ya Cheng about the potential collaborations on laser fabrication and applications.

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