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The 24th International Congress on Glass successfully held in Shanghai
Update time: 04-15-2016
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Hosted by the International Congress on Glass and the Chinese Ceramic Society, co-organized by CTIEC (China Triumph International Engineering Co., Ltd.) and SIOM (Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics), the 24th International Congress on Glass (ICG) was successfully held at Shanghai International Convention Center (SHICC) during April 7th-11th, 2016.

On April 8th, the opening ceremony was presided over by Mr. Yongmo Xu, the president of the Chinese Ceramic Society. Prof. Shou Peng, the executive chairman of this Congress, gave a welcoming address. On behalf of the Shanghai government, Mr. Endi Zhang, vice president of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (C.P.P.C.C.) of Shanghai, presented the opening ceremony with a welcoming speech as well. Four congress awards including Woldemar A. Weyl Award、ICG Presidents Award、ICG Vittorio Gottardi Prize and ICG W. E. S. Turner Award were awarded to the winners at the ceremony. Well-respected experts in this field including Prof. Fuxi Gan and Prof. Zhonghong Jiang (both members of Chinese Academy of Sciences), Dr. Hongjie Luo (vice president of the Chinese Ceramic Society), Dr. Manoj Choudhary (president of the International Commission on Glass), and Dr. Alicia Duran (vice president of the International Commission on Glass) attended the opening ceremony.

Held every 3 years, ICG Congress is a grand event for the glass industry worldwide. It is a great chance for researchers to present their recent work and development on glass. The 24th ICG Congress is secondly held after 21 years. 8 plenary talks, 87 invited talks, 318 oral talks and 103 poster presentations were included in this event. Plenary talks were given by prestigious professors and researchers from all over the world, including Prof. Russell from Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light, Prof. Dianov from the Russian Academy of Sciences, Prof. Fuxi Gan from SIOM, Chinese Academy of Sciences. 87 invited talks cover functional glasses, non-oxide glasses, glass structure and theoretical simulations, glass transition and relaxation, glass properties, testing and characterization, functional glasses, non-oxide glasses, glass fibers, thin-films, archaeometry of glass, etc. Scope of the congress covers the study of glasses, technology development, education, publication, etc. Over 800 attendees from 33 countries participated in this congress.


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