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Dr. Ronald Holzwarth pays a visit to SIOM and gives the academic presentation
Update time: 03-05-2015
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On March 5, 2015, Dr. Ronald Holzwarth from Menlo Systems GmbH, paid a visit to SIOM. During the visit, Dr. Ronald Holzwarth gave a talk entitled: Optical Frequency Combs Principles, Applications and new ideas. The researchers of SIOM are very interested in his talk. About 30 researchers attended the seminar and discussed the related research with him. After the presentation, he visited the Key Laboratory of Quantum Optics, CAS.


Dr. Ronald Holzwarth founded Menlo Systems GmbH together with co-workers to commercialize the optical frequency comb technology in 2001. At the same time, Dr. Ronald Holzwarth has conducted advanced research on frequency combs at the MPQ as well as at Menlo and served as Ph.D. advisor for several students. The research direction is on the one hand side targeted towards more user-friendly frequency combs, to spread their application. Besides founding Menlo Systems and acting as managing director, he is still very active in the research field. He is author or co-author on 97 papers and holds 10 patents. Dr. Ronald Holzwarth has accumulated for his work over 8700 citations and had an h-factor of 42. Many of these papers have been landmark papers being highly cited.

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