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SIOM held the 2nd Qinghe Seminar
Update time: 11-01-2013
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 On October 25th, the 2nd Qinghe Seminar was held in SIOM. Prof. Dr. Roland Sauerbrey from Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf was invited to give a lecture entitled by Laser Ion Acceleration for Radiation Oncology. The researchers and postgraduates of SIOM attended the seminar. The seminar was presided over by Ruxin Li, the director of SIOM.

Prof. Dr. Roland Sauerbrey briefed the evolution and recent situation of LPA of kinds of particles firstly, then he highlighted the applications of such novel techniques as the development of proton beams for the radiation therapy of cancer, innovative x-ray sources based on Compton-scatting of laser light at a 40 MeV electron beam.Finally, he elaborated the principium of new experiments to explore the dielectric properties of the vacuum base on the intensity laser.

SIOM researchers has deep discussion with Prof. Dr. Roland Sauerbrey such as the influence to therapeutic effect of ion beam parameters and other rays radiated from the particle acceleration process and the new schemes of particle acceleration.




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