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Prof. Frank Wyrowski from Germany is awarded as the Visiting Professor at SIOM, CAS
Update time: 08-20-2013
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 An appointment ceremony for the Visiting Professor was held at Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics (SIOM), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) on August 15, 2013. Prof. Ruxin Li, director of SIOM, signed the Service Agreement with Prof. Frank Wyrowski as the visiting professor for senior international scientist of CAS. Prof. Huijie Huang presided over the appointment ceremony.


After the ceremony, Prof. Frank Wyrowski gave an academic lecture entitled by "From ray to field tracing." He mainly introduced that starting from a discussion of ray tracing the concept of field tracing. It is shown how limitations of ray tracing in source modeling, accurate light propagation and evaluation of light parameters are overcome by field tracing. The representation of light by electromagnetic fields is discussed in detail including polarization. All theoretical considerations are illustrated by simulations. The related researchers at SIOM had hot discussions with Prof. Frank Wyrowski during the academic seminar.





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