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Prof. Chii-Dong Lin from Kansas State University Pays a Visit to SIOM
Update time: 05-16-2013
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On May 13 2013, Chii-Dong Lin, university Distinguished Professor, from Department of Physics, Kansas State University paid a visit to SIOM.

Prof. Chii-Dong Lin delivered a presentation entitled by “Ultrafast dynamic Imaging of Molecules with laser-induced electron diffraction method”. When molecules are exposed to an intense mid-infrared laser pulse, electrons that are released earlier in the pulse may be driven back to recollide with the parent ions to induce electron diffraction images. In the talk, he discussed how one can use this laser-induced electron diffraction method to extract molecular structure, with sub-Angstrom spatial and a few-femtosecond temporal resolutions. After presentation, he visited State Key Laboratory of High Field Laser Physics and Joint Laboratory of High Power Laser Physics.

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