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The Technology Center is Listed as the Internship Base for Public Technical School
Update time: 01-24-2011
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In December 2010, employed and commissioned by Public Technical School, the Light Source Technology Development Center is listed as the “Internship Base” and committed to provide vocational skills training for students.

Introduced by the Personnel and EducationDepartment of Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics, the Light Source Technology Development Center began to enroll students from Public Technical School for internships and training since May 2006. The center has been providing practical training, equipment, etc to the students and has enrolled more than 40 students for 5 consecutive years, effectively exerted their advantages in light source technology and special skills.

Based on the vocational skills training platform, the center also provides jobs for the especially excellent students according to the requirements of scientific research and disciplinary development.

Now that it is officially listed as the training base for public technical school, the technology center will further effectively exert their professional advantages, provide nice service for the internships and training for technical schools and strengthen the cooperation with them. (Provided by the High-Power Technology Center)

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