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5th Asia Summer School and Symposium on Laser-plasma
Update time: 11-16-2010
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The Asia Summer School is an important annual event for the Asia Intense Laser Network. This year, the 5th Asia Summer School and Symposium on Laser-plasma Acceleration and Radiation (5th ASSS) has been hold at Blue Palace Hotel at Jiading, Shanghai from Aug. 16 through 20, 2010, organized by the Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics (SIOM), CAS, Shanghai, China to promote the research activities in the field of laser-plasma acceleration and radiation.

The 5th ASSS provided an excellent opportunity for graduate students, post-docs and fresh researchers in Asian countries to learn and communicate. Same as the 4th ASSS, the 5th ASSS has also been divided into to three parts, the summer school, symposium, and a tour. Enthusiastic response not only from the main laser plasma institutes of Asia has been received, but the 5th ASSS has also attracted some researchers from Europe and America. The total amount of attendees was more than 132, which was much more than that of the last four times. 22 lectures in the field of laser-plasma acceleration and radiation have been invited, including the famous professor Kazuhisa Nakajima from KEK of Japan, Professor Hyyong Suk from Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology of Korea, Professor Helmut Widemann from Stanford University of America and so on. Participants except for the lecturers have been encouraged to bring a poster for their presentation so that they can exchange their research result with other people, and more than 20 posters have been presented in this summer school. For the further discussing and learning, tours of state key laboratory of high laser physics of SIOM, CAS and SG-II of the joint Lab of CAS-CAE have been organized after the summer school and symposium sections.

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