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Introduction to Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics,Chinese Academy of Sciences
Update time: 07-24-2009
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   Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics (SIOM), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), was established in 1964. It is the earliest and the largest institute specializing in the laser science and technology in China. It has become a comprehensive institute aimed at exploring significant basic and applied basic frontiers in modern optics, developing larger-scale laser engineer technologies and exploiting laser and optoelectronic hi-tech applications.
   The major research fields at SIOM include high power laser technology, strong field physics and high intensity optics, information optics, quantum optics, laser & optoelectronic devices and optical materials, etc.
   Since CAS carried out the knowledge innovation project in 1998, the developing history of SIOM has turned into a new page. During the past 10 years, the research work, talents training, system and mechanism reformation etc, have had great progress; the face of SIOM has great change since then. SIOM employs over 800 staffs, including more than 500 professional and technical personnel, 201 senior researchers and engineers.8 scientists from the institute were elected the members of CAS or CAE (Chinese Academy of Engineering).
   There are 3 basic research laboratories(State Key Laboratory of High Field Laser Physics, the Key Laboratory for Quantum Optics of CAS, and the laboratory for Information Optics), 3 high-tech application and innovation research laboratories(the National Laboratory for High Power Laser Physics, the High Density Optical Storage Laboratory, and the Novel Laser Technique and Application System Laboratory),and 4 R&D centers (the High Power Laser Unit Technique R&D Center, the laser Application Engineering R&D Center, the Laser Application Engineering R&D Center, the Laser & Optoelectronic Functional Material R&D Center, and the Optical Coating Technology R&D Center),one Quality Management Center and One Information Center.
   SIOM has made its effort to build a high level research platform. Up to date, a state key Lab, a joint Lab of CAS-CAE, three Key Labs of CAS and a municipal Key Lab of Shanghai have been set up.
   During the past 45 years since its establishment, more than 500 scientific and technological achievements have been awarded the prizes of CAS and ministry and higher grade. Among which,44 achievements won the state awards: The Laser experimental system 12# and the table–top ultra-intense ultra-short OPCPA laser system, won the first class award of the state scientific and technologic progress prizes, and other 18 achievements won the 2nd class of the state prizes.
   SIOM has constructed a series of “shenguang” high power laser system, which is the only one in China and ranked among a few giant laser systems in the world. The other systems constructed include the laser and optical system for atomic vapor laser isotope separation, the ultra-intense. Ultra-short laser system, the laser atomic cooling system, the research platform for space-borne all solid-state lasers. SIOM has stepped into advanced level of the world in the fields of various high performance novel laser devices, laser and opto-electronic functional materials. It is one of the most fruitful institutions in the areas of modern optics, laser and opto-electronics in China. 
   SIOM is a qualified training institute for doctor degree and master degree in physics, optical engineering and material, and is one of the key training bases of CAS for doctoral students. Now the institute set up 7 doctoral training sites, 7 master training sites, 3 post-doctor working sites. And 423 post-graduates students including 219 for doctor degree and 204 for master degree were studying at the institute in 2008.
   SIOM has paid a great attention to the international cooperation and exchange. The international academic exchange and cooperation have been very active at various levels, in multi-channel and different forms. Scholars, scientists and entrepreneurs from more than 50 countries and regions have visited the institute, including a number of noble laureates and heads of state. About 100 persons are sent out abroad to attend international conferences, make short-visit or do cooperative research. Various S&T cooperative relationship has been established such as Germany, Japan, Korea, USA, and UK etc. The staff of SIOM always bear in mind their historical mission, carry forward the good traditions of the older generation of scientists, resolve to make innovation, open up and keep forgoing ahead, to create more glorious achievements in the new era.

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