Prof. SHAO Yuchuan

Update time: 2020-05-09

Optical engineering and optical materials
Phone: +86-21-69918356

Research Focus
Our current research focuses on the design and fabrication of perovskite solar cells, near infrared photodetectors and X-ray detectors.
The final mission of our group is to design and develop new type photoelectronic devices with low cost and superior performance. Achieving the "Holy Grail" requires the synthesis of novel material, deep understanding of the material photoelectronic properties, smart design of device structure and careful optimization of recipe. Therefore, we are proactively collaborating with experts from different fields including chemistry, physics and engineering.
[1] Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Student Abroad, special recognition award, 2016
[2] Materials Research Society (MRS) Graduate Student, Gold Award, 2016
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[2] Origin and elimination of photocurrent hysteresis by fullerene passivation in CH3NH3PbI3 planar heterojunction solar cells, Nature communications 5, 5784, 2014.
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