WEI Jingsong, Ph.D.

Update time: 2019-05-09

Professor and Vice Director
Optical engineering and materials sciences 
Phone: 86-21-69918597
Email: weijingsong@siom.ac.cn
Lab Website: http://www.ncgr.ac.cn

Research Focus
[1] Super-resolution optics, laser heat-mode lithography, and nano-optical imaging.
[2] The applications aim to high-speed fabrication of micro/nanostructures for optical and electronic devices, advanced optical instruments, and ultra-large capacity optical data storage with parallel recording and readout.

Honors & Achievements

Jingsong Wei*. Nonlinear Super-resolution Nano-Optics and Applications. Springer (Berlin Heidelberg, Germany), 2015 [Monograph];
[2] Chenliang Ding, Jingsong Wei*, Qisong Li, et al. Extending resolution of scanning optical microscopy beyond Abbe limit through assistance of InSb thin layers. Optics Letters 41, 1550-1553 (2016);
[3] Jingsong Wei*, Hui Yan. Strong nonlinear saturation absorption-induced optical pinhole channel and super-resolution effects: A multi-layer system model. Optics Letters 39 (22), 6387-6390 (2014);
[4] Rui Wang, Jingsong Wei*, Yongtao Fan. Chalcogenide phase-change thin films used as grayscale photolithography materials. Optics Express 22(5),4973-4984 (2014). [also read (Nature Photonics 8, 253 (2014) )];
[5] Jingsong Wei*, Shuang Liu, Yongyou Geng, et al. Nano-optical information storage induced by the nonlinear saturable absorption effect. Nanoscale 3, 3233-3237 (2011);
[6] Jingsong Wei*, Mufei Xiao, Feng Zhang. Super-resolution with a nonlinear thin film: Beam reshaping via internal multi-interference. Applied Physics Letters 89, 223126 (2006).