WEI Rong, Ph.D.

Update time: 2019-05-09

Phone: 86-21-69918359
Email: weirong@siom.ac.cn

Research Focus
Quantum physics, especially on the quantum phenomena based on laser interaction with atoms and molecules, such as quantum states and matter wave interference, quantum entanglement, superfluid, and synthetic gauge field. The main areas are the followings.
[1] Physics of ultracold atoms and molecules;
[2] Sensitive quantum measurement and sensing;
[3] Non-Hermitian quantum physics.
[1] BS of Applied Physics, Northeast University in 1998;
[2] PhD of Optics from Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics in 2003.
Academic Experience:
[1] 2011.08 to the present, researcher of Key Laboratory of Quantum Optics, SIOM, CAS;
[2] 2005.08- 2011.07, Associate Researcher of Key Laboratory of Quantum Optics, SIOM, CAS;
[3] 2003.11- 2005.08, Assistant Researcher of Key Laboratory of Quantum Optics, SIOM, CAS.
Honors & Achievements
[1] Rub
idium 87 fountain clock has run continuously, with short-term stability of 2.E-τ-1/2, long-term stability of 8E-16@50 000s, and uncertainty of 1.8E-15;
[2] A rubidium 85 fountain clock has been build up, physical and microwave experiments has finished, with atomic number of 106, atomic temperature of 4μK, and Ramsey linewidth of 1Hz;
[3] Series experiments of magnetic field measurements, including the method of magnetic field measurement by the weak magnetic-sensitive Zeeman splitting, the method for measuring the magnetic field vector by probing the line strength of stimulated Raman transitions, and a dynamical compensation method to smooth the spatial fluctuation of the magnetic field in the fountain clock;
[4] Researches on noise of atomic clock, A real-time noise distinguish operation of atomic clocks improves the statistical uncertainty by about an order of magnitude of our fountain clock which is deteriorated previously by extra noises.
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