TANG Feng, Ph.D.

Update time: 2019-04-17

Optical engineering
Phone: 86-21-69918692
Email: *****@siom.ac.cn

Research Focus
Interferometry, Wavefront sensing, Measure Instrument Development, Optics for lithography.

Member of the Youth Innovation Promotion Association, CAS (2014).
[2] Shanghai “Rising-Star Program” (2010)
[1] Wavefront reconstruction for lateral shearing interferometry based on difference polynomial fitting, Jie Li, Feng Tang, Xiangzhao Wang, Fengzhao Dai, Peng Feng and Sikun Li (2015).
[2] Piston error calibration of zonal reconstruction for a segmented wavefront in lateral shearing interferometry, Jie Li, Feng Tang, Xiangzhao Wang, Fengzhao Dai and Peng Feng (2015).
[3] Analysis of lateral shearing interferometry without self-imaging limitations, Jie Li, Feng Tang, Xiangzhao Wang, Fengzhao Dai and Heng Zhang (2015).
[4] A Method for Reducing the Error Accumulation in Sub-Aperture Stitching Interferometer for Flat Optics, Yong Li, Feng Tang, Yunjun Lu, Xiangzhao Wang, Fudong Guo, Jie Li, Feibin Wu (2015).
[5] Phase Retrieval Errors Analysis of Ronchi Phase-Shifting Shearing Interferometer, Feibin Wu, Feng Tang, Xiangzhao Wang, Jie Li, Yong Li (2015).