ZHAO Quanzhong, Ph.D.

Update time: 2019-04-17

Optical engineering and materials sciences
Phone: 86-21-69918749
Email: zqz@siom.ac.cn

Research Focus 
Prof. ZHAO's research interest includes laser-based micro-/nanoprocessing and structuring of versatile materials, fabrication and characterization of functional photonic materials and devices, physics of ultrashort pulsed laser interaction with matter, and fundamental research with potential commercialization.
[1] Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality, Pujiang Program
[2] Science and Technology Advancement Award of Zhejiang Province
[3] Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship, Germany
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[2] Z. Wang, Q. Z. Zhao*, Friction reduction of steel by laser-induced periodic surface nanostructures with atomic layer deposited TiO2 coating, Surf. Coat. Tech. 344, 269-275 (2018).
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