ZENG Zhinan, Ph.D.

Update time: 2019-04-16

Optical engineering
Phone: 86-21-69918491
Email: zhinan_zeng@mail.siom.ac.cn  

Research Focus 
Prof. ZENG's research interest is the ultrafast phenomena in the atom/molecule and solid material, including the generation of the HHG and attosecond pulse and their applications, IR/XUV pump-probe, characterization of the attosecond pulse, etc. 
[1] Shanghai Rising-Star Program
[2] China National Funds for Outstanding Young Scientists
[1] Selective Enhancement of a Single Harmonic Emission in a Driving Laser Field with Subcycle Waveform Control, Physical Review Letters: 233903~2339032013.6.7 110(23).
[2] Ultrafast Excitation of an Inner-Shell Electron by Laser-Induced Electron Recollision, Phys. Rev. Lett.: 073901~073901 2016.2.18 116(7).
[3] Manipulating electron-ion recollision in a midinfrared laser field : 033417~033417 Physical Review A 2015.9.15 92(3).
[4] Enhanced high-order harmonic generation from excited argon, Applied Physics Letters 2015.7.28 107(04) 041110~041110.
[5] Extremely asymmetric electron localization in H-2(+) controlled with a THz field, Physical Review A 2014.2.18, 92(2).