Update time: 2019-04-16

Ultrafast nonlinear optics
Phone: 86-21-69918546
Co-workers: YAO Jinping, CHU Wei, LIN Jintian

Research Focus
Professor CHENG Ya's research mainly focuses on ultrafast nonlinear optics and its related applications. He has made important contributions to both fundamental research on interactions of ultrafast laser pulses with matter and applications in the areas of remote sensing and laser micro and nano processing.
Winner of the National Outstanding Youth Foundation of NSFC (2008)
Winner of the Outstanding Young Scientific and Technological Innovation Talent of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Branch (2010)
Shanghai Natural Science Award, 1st grade (2010)
Fellow of the Institute of Physics, London (2012)
Chief Scientist of Major National Scientific Research Program of MOST (2014)
Winner of Innovative Talents Promotion Program of MOST (2014)
Shanghai Natural Science Peony Award (2014)
Shanghai Leading Talent (2014)
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